Tiny Tales Podcast Ep. 29: Kismet

Tiny Tales is a weekly podcast of short stories spanning horror, fantasy, comedy, and everything in between. Written and narrated by R. E. Rule. Music and production by Frank Nawrot (www.franknawrot.com).

This Week’s Episode:

Sometimes when you just want breakfast, the universe has other plans.

Voices in Order of Appearance:
Frank Nawrot (https://www.franknawrot.com/)
Gretchen Pille (https://www.gretchenpille.com/)
R. E. Rule (https://www.rerulewrites.com/)
Matthew Ferrandino (is a music theorist, composer, and teacher. His scholarship focuses on the analysis of popular music and music videos.)
Dutcher Snedeker (https://www.dutchersnedeker.com/)
Kristin Newbegin (https://www.kristinnewbegin.com/)

Check out our website: www.tinytalespodcast.com
Support us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/rerule

More soon!

~ R. E. Rule

2 thoughts on “Tiny Tales Podcast Ep. 29: Kismet”

  1. I have listened to your podcasts before and always enjoyed them…I have recently moved to Nairobi and the content won’t play hear 😦 Trying to sort out why…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so strange! From my research, it looks like maybe Spotify doesn’t work in Kenya. If you go to our Buzzsprout page (link below), there are some other listening platforms listed. Hopefully one of those works for you! I will be sure to include that link in my posts from now on!


      And thanks for listening!


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