Tiny Tales (The Podcast)

Tiny Tales is a weekly podcast of short stories spanning horror, fantasy, comedy, and everything in between. Writing and narration by R. E. Rule. Music and production by Frank Nawrot (www.franknawrot.com).

It’s been six months since our inaugural episode. In that time, we’ve released over twenty tiny tales and had the honor to work with wonderful guest writers and voice talent.

So what’s next?
– Season 3 starts next Monday (November 16) with even more tiny tales. Some incredible fiction is in store and we can’t wait for you to hear it!
– We will be having another writers contest. The winning story will be turned into an episode. Stay tuned for dates and submission details.

If you are new to our show, you can find all episodes on Spotify, Buzzsprout, ApplePodcasts, YouTube, and the Tiny Tales website. Don’t forget to follow or leave us a rating.

If you are interested in joining our growing audience of Patrons, find us at Patreon and gain exclusive access to the Tiny Tales soundtrack!

Listen To The First Episode:

More soon!

~ R. E. Rule

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