31. Writing Prompt – The Wind Knows

The wind knows where the truck was parked on that dark, deserted road. Trees tried to stifle her cries, so the wind bore them instead. It stirs the flowers where she sleeps, and when the rest of the world forgets, the wind remembers and weeps.

This prompt was not originally supposed to be a ‘poem,’ but as I was writing it, I noticed the cadence of the first line and tried to shape the rest to match. Part of the joy and struggle of writing is finding the exact wording to create the desired tone, whether it be a rhythm, an image, a feeling. Word choice makes a huge difference, and I go crazy, even on a short piece like this, running through all the synonym and sentence structure options.

More and more, I am focusing on editing, on searching for the best wording, the most succinct descriptions, the clearest actions. That is the work that will drive you crazy but is the most rewarding. That is where your writing comes to life.

More soon.

~ R. E. Rule

1 thought on “31. Writing Prompt – The Wind Knows”

  1. Love the piece. So much said in such few words.
    Some people told me that my poetry are stories with rhyme. I agree. I begin to write and after a few lines i realise that it feels like poetry, so I make it that way. A lot of times, i convert stories to poetry and poetry to stories.

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