What Doesn’t Kill You…

I stared at the concrete block shattered on the sidewalk next to me and considered the totality of the life choices and coincidences that had led me to wait for the school bus in that particular place today. It was quite a list. And yet, just a few, seemingly inconsequential inches to the right, and it would have been my last act on this earth.

That shattered rock on the concrete, fallen from the construction above, that could have just as easily been my skull, perhaps should have made me see the fragility of my mortality and the ease with which it could be taken away. But it didn’t. Quite the opposite…

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~ R. E. Rule

Originally Posted: Mar. 10, 2020
Updated: Dec. 14, 2020

3 thoughts on “What Doesn’t Kill You…”

  1. Loved the story, R.E. Somehow, I can connect with it because long time back I was going through bad luck, each one leading to minor injuries and never the very possible death. I wondered whether someone was guarding me. Thankfully, I was the only one injured and not the world around me. I couldn’t have taken that much pain. Some years later, when I had a broken heart, and death still eluded me. I remember the disappointment when I woke up in a hospital, still unharmed except for a few needle pricks from the hospital staff and a medical bill to boot. 😀

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