Sneak Peek

In addition to these short prompts, I have several larger projects in progress. I didn’t have time for a writing prompt today, so here’s an excerpt from my current draft. In it, the narrator is discussing laser weapons. (Fair warning, there is some profanity).

The first research station to try it got a surprise. It went through the target all right. The target, the security shield, the backup shield, half a dozen researchers, and the side of the space station. Hell, that f***** is still probably going out there somewhere. I’m just waiting for it to take out a ship and start the next intergalactic war, not that I’ll be there to see it. My point is, sometimes the old-fashioned ways are best, and you can’t improve on a nice sharp blade. Even a dull one works in a pinch. If someone is coming at you with a gun, you messed up long before that point. Complexity is overrated. Dirt hates complexity. Water hates complexity. Gravity hates complexity. You want to survive? Keep it simple. Hell, you can kick a blade off a cliff into the ocean, and it will still gut just as well. Show me a gun that can do that. Plus, scrap metal is at a premium with all the unused transports sitting around.

Happy Friday! And I promise I’ll post a writing prompt tomorrow.

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