03. Writing Prompt: ‘Try something new’

It’s been a long week, so I decided to write something shorter (under 200 words).

‘Work harder,’ they insisted, so he had. Eagerly. There was pride in accomplishment.
‘You’re not taking care of yourself,’ they reprimanded, and he wondered how he was supposed to do both.

‘Try something new,’ they said. He wished he’d never listened. There was still joy in the old things.
‘Just be yourself,’ they criticized. He thought he had.

‘You’re so good at this!’ they glowed, and he felt relieved.
‘But you’re still failing,’ they chastised. He had no idea how both could be true.

‘How are you?’ they asked as they didn’t listen. He lied. It was easier to say what they wanted to hear.
‘We know you so well,’ they bragged. They were wrong, so he just forced a smile.

‘Make your own choices,’ they advised. He had tried, but they hadn’t been pleased.
‘Think for yourself,’ they stated as they told him he was wrong.

‘You seem unhappy,’ they noted full of genuine concern. They grew angry when he didn’t respond.
”What do you want from me?’ he silently screamed into the deaf void, a passive smile on his face.

‘We need more,’ they demanded.
‘No,’ he replied.

Writing every day is exhausting, y’all! But it’s been fun to see what these little prompts generate. I have lots of posts in the works on some media I’ve been consuming, so stay tuned for that.

Happy Friday!

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