Not Enough Words

“We don’t have enough words,” she sighed, flipping through the stack of mangled magazines in front of her. She had spent hours poring over that wrinkled piece of paper, scissors in one hand, an Elmer’s glue stick in the other.

“Good god, woman! It’s a ransom note not a novel,” I griped, fanning myself against the stifling Louisiana heat. The AC had conked out hours ago, and our only relief was a small metal fan creaking in the motel room window.

“That’s no reason not to be polite,” she lectured, flapping the note wildly to dry the glue. “Now listen.”

To Whom It May Concern, Sir, Madam, or Otherwise

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~ R. E. Rule

Originally Published: January 29, 2020
Updated: February 11, 2021

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